3D Video Player

3D Video Player

3D Video Player is intended to simulate tridimensional viewing
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Although it can play video files in the traditional 2D style, 3D Video Player is intended to let you enjoy an almost tridimensional watching experience even when the original movies have not been recorded using this technology. The application has an intuitive interface, free from unnecessary objects. If you are already familiar with standard media players, you are unlikely to need any help in order to control movie playback. However, you should experiment a while with the tridimensional viewing features. This way, you can configure them according to your exact needs. In this regard, various types of filters are supported, such as anaglyph, anaglyph true, anaglyph gray, side by side, and top and bottom. Further customization is possible by adjusting viewing parameters like shift and depth.

3D Video Player can simulate a tridimensional viewing of standard video files by applying the necessary filters. This player is very light and is easily installed on your computer. It comes either in a separate installer or as part of the installing package of 3D Video Converter, a closely related program.

The application usually comes in a bundle together with 3D Video Converter. As it can process the files on the fly, it does not need to create any extra files. In my opinion, its main limitation is that many similar applications can also play 3D video files or simulate a tridimensional viewing. Taking this into consideration, some users may probably consider unnecessary to install 3D Video Player, which is not as sophisticated as other well-known media players.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has an attractive and intuitive interface
  • It can process video on the fly
  • It is easy to use
  • It supports applying various types of 3D filters
  • It comes in a bundle with 3D Video Converter


  • It is not as sophisticated as other well-known players
  • It fails to play some common video codecs
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